What to Bring

Field Mojo is run entirely by volunteers, which means the game is completely free. All you need to get started are comfortable running/sports attire.

Because we are playing outdoors in the sun, it is highly recommended that you bring sunscreen, even if it looks cloudy. We usually have a water cooler, but please bring a bottle/cup to fill up on. Snacks, fruits, and other sharable food items are always welcome!

Due to the slippery nature of wet/rainy days, it is recommended that you bring cleats instead of running shoes if the field is wet. Depending on the weather- sunglasses on a hot summer day or winter gloves during a colder month are great.

If you plan to join us for lunch on Sundays, bring cash. There are bratwursts available at the Draughthouse- just tip the cook. If you plan on drinking after, bring ID.